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Hrant Dink Case
5 Jan 2009 Trabzon 2nd Magistrate Court returned the indictment against Colonel Ali Oz and other five gendarmerie officials saying that it is not in their jurisdiction and that the case should be handled by the First Instance Court. The prosecutor appealed against this decision.
29 Dec 2008 Trabzon Chief Prosecutor finished its indictment against the six gendarmerie officials of the Trabzon District Gendarmerie Command for negligence of duty in the assassination of Hrant Dink and sent it to Trabzon 2nd Magistrate Court. If the court approves the indictment the ex commander of Trabzon Gendarmerie Command and Captain Metin Yildiz, Onder Aras, Huseyin Yilmaz, Haci Omer Unaldi and Gazi Gunay will be tried with "negligence of duty" charges which carries a maximum of two years imprisonment.
12 Nov 2008 The Prime Ministry Inspectorate's report which reveals the inquiries into the Hrant Dink murder, has been completed. The three inspectors state that there has been grave negligence of duty of the Trabzon Police, Trabzon Gendarmerie and the Istanbul Police and recommend that investigations should be initiated against the responsible officers. Another striking information in the report is that Yasin Hayal had another phone line with which he made several international calls prior to his bombing of McDonald's in 2002. The permission to investigate the names of the people he talked was denied by the Ministry of Justice.
28 Oct 2008 The appeal of Colonel Ali Oz against the decision of the Trabzon Governorship which granted the permission for the investigation, was overruled by the District Administrative Court. Ali Oz who was the Trabzon District Gendarmerie Commander during the assassination of Hrant Dink, and is being accused of negligence of duty. With this ruling, the investigation process has officially begun for Ali Oz and the other rankig officials.
24 Oct 2008 Osman Hayal, the brother of Yasin Hayal, will be tried with charges of "taking part in murder" and "membership to an illegal organization." He will be the 20th defendant of the Hrant Dink murder case, of which the next hearing will be held in January 26, 2009.
22 Oct 2008 Samsun 4.Magistrate Court acquitted the then Anti-Terror Dept. Deputy Director Metin Balta and Commissioner Ibrahim Firat. The defendants were in trial in relation with the photos of Ogun Samast with police officers in front of the Turkish flag when he was arrested.
20 Oct 2008 The Criminal Court, to which the case of two gendarmerie officers that are tried with charges of negligence of duty, overruled the judgement of the Trabzon 2.Megistrate Court decision that the case should be seen by the criminal court. The case will continue at the same court.
26 Sep 2008 During the hearing of the two gendarmerie officers of the Trabzon district with charges of neglect of duty, the eyewitness Captain Husamettin Polat stated that Colonel Ali Oz was aware of the information that there were plans of killing Hrant Dink and that he ignored to process this information. He further said that, after the murder Ali Oz wanted Coskun Igci (who gave the information about the planned murder) to be warned about not to talk about this. The court transferred the case to criminal court
25 Sep 2008 Dink family filed a complaint to the Judges and the Prosecutors High Council with a request of initiation of a judicial and administrative inquiry against the judges (Atilla Sarp, Ilhan Hanagasi and Sadettin Yaman) of the Istanbul District Administrative Court. In the petition, it is stated that the judges have not authorized the initiation of an inquiry against the officers of the Istanbul Security Directorate without reasoned ruling; and that is in violation with the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. Furthermore, it is alleged that the judges did not act impartially while taking this decision.
23 Aug 2008 Osman Hayal was transferred to the Istanbul Prosecutor's Office in early hours. After giving his statement to the prosecutor, he was released.
19 Aug 2008 Osman Hayal, the brother of Yasin Hayal, is taken into custody. It was found out that Osman Hayal's telephone signaled from Istanbul on the day of the murder, revealing that he was in Istanbul that day against his initial testimony. Osman Hayal will be shown to the secret witness to find out if he was at the crime scene.
7 July 2008 The first public hearing of the Dink murder case was held. The unserious behaviour of the defendants and some of the defendant lawyers marked the hearing.
27 June 2008 Istanbul Provincial Administrative Court ruled that there is no authorization for investigation for any of the Istanbul Police Directorate officers, including Ahmet İlhan Guler. With this ruling, all internal court proceedings are finished.
28 May 2008 Chief sergeant Uğur Erdoğan who gave statement in Iğdır, said that Okan Şimşek and Veysel Şahin obtained intelligence before the murder.
27 May 2008 The official Gökhan Aslan who gave statement in Bitlis on 27 May, stated that during a conversation among themselves a few days after the murder, Şimşek and Şahin said that they had been informed about Dink's murder at their unit meetings and they informed the relevant commanders about it.
15 May 2008 The confessions of the gendarmerie officers were included in the main file of the murder case as evidence.
14 May 2008 From the trial of the gendarmerie officers: Metin Yıldız and Ali Öz wanted Coşkun İğci (uncle of Yasin Hayal who informed the gendarmarie that Hayal was planning to murder Hrant Dink, before the assasination) to keep quite after the murder.
3 May 2008 Yasin Hayal's sentence for McDonald's case was reversed by the Court of Appeal. (his offence concerning manufacturing of explosives was upheld, his sentence for "using explosives, damaging property by explosives and causing injusry of 10 people" was quashed on the basis of procedure.)
2 May 2008 Colonel Ali Öz and former Director of Gendarmarie Intelligence Unit Surgeant Metin Yıldız, visited the sub-committee established under the TGNA Committee for Human Rights Investigations, to investigate Hrant Dink's murder, however did not give statement.
29 Apr 2008 Defendant İrfan Özkan stated at the trial that, Ümit Öksüz told him that Ogun Samast had told his friends that he would kill Hrant and that they applauded him for the news.
28 Apr 2008 During the murder case trial it was revealed that one of the suspects, Mustafa Öztürk's wiretapping records were destroyed.
26 Apr 2008 It was understood from the telephone records that Erhan Tuncel was going to organize a meeting of Yasin's attorney and the head of Big Union Party, Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu, after the McDonald's bombing incident.
17 Apr 2008 False report by İstanbul Police Directorate - although IPD stated that before the incident they investigated about Hayal upon the denunciation from Trabzon, the inspectors revealed that the investigation was carried out only after the murder (22 ocak 2007). The report was issued after the murder.
15 Apr 2008 Dink's attorneys requested the investigation on 10 officers of the Trabzon Gendarmarie Command be continued at İstanbul Public Prosecutor's Office.
7 Apr 2008 Hrant Dink Awareness Raising Group held a press meeting at the TGNA where they expressed their demands.
6 Apr 2008 At the Chief Public Inspector's review held for the 3rd time, Cerrah was not found in fault, 6 chiefs and officers who had signatures on the document from Trabzon were found in fault. However, the expert had detected that "duty of inspection has not been undertaken."
5 Apr 2008 Şevki Uluçam, the judge who released Yasin at McDonald's case though he was not authorized as a vacation judge, was appointed as the judge of the court where the gendermerie offiecrs were being tried.
4 Apr 2008 The Dink family's attorneys filed a petition to Trabzon Public Prosecutor's Office for an investigation to be launched on the gendarmerie officers on the basis of TPC Article 83.ten (deliberate killing by negligent behaviour)
2 Apr 2008 The officers (Ali Öz and others) did not appear at the parliamentary sub-Committee to give statement.
21 Mar 2008 Ali Öz was discharged from his position as Provincial Field Officer in Bilecik and was withdrawn to Bursa Regional Command.
20 Mar 2008 The accused gendarmerie officers stated at court that they had provided intelligence to their seniors, to Trabzon Provincial Gendarmerie Field Officer

Provincial Administrative Board decided to give permission for investigation on the İstanbul security officials except Cerrah and Köksal.
14 Mar 2008 Human Rights sub-committee of the parliamant ceased its task, suspended its activities.
8 Mar 2008 Rize Heavy Criminal Court rejected the Dink family lawyers' appeal against Trabzon Chief Public Prosecutor's decision not to launch an investigation against the police officers on charges of "neglect of duty".
7 Mar 2008 The inspectors carrying out the preliminary investigation reached the conclusion that authorisation should be granted for an investigation against 6 police officers in Istanbul Police (Ahİ.G, Bülent Köksal, İbrahim Pala, Şevki Eldivan, Volkan Altunbulak, Bahadır Tekin and Özcan Özkan); however, that there was no need to authorise an investigating against Cerrah and Bülent Köksal.
28 Feb 2008 The private, who had made a hand gesture when leaving the courtyard after the first hearing, was convicted to a prison sentence and his duty station was changed.

3 inspectors from the Inspection Board of the Prime Ministry went to Trabzon and launched their inquiry.
25 Feb 2008 The Court decided to indict the authors of the book called "Sapan" on grounds of violating the confidentiality of the hearing. (Sapan is a book about the murder of Hrant Dink)
20 Feb 2008 Administrative Chief Inspector launched a preliminary inquiry about Cerrah.
18 Feb 2008 Minister of Interior Atalay appointed new inspectors to probe the "reasons behind Dink's assassination". (2 administrative inspectors, 1 police inspector having an equal rank with Cerrah)
14 Feb 2008 The appeal made by Dink's family to Rize Heavy Criminal Court against the decision ruling that it was not necessary to prosecute the officers of Trabzon Police Directorate has been rejected.
8 Feb 2008 Hrant Dink Awareness Group, consisting of deputies, journalists and intellectuals, was established.
22 Jan 2008 In an interview given to local "İlkhaber" newspaper Yasin Hayal's father alleged that Yahya Öztürk, Head of Anti-terror Section of Trabzon Police Directorate, had said, "Yasin will have a better life from now on, he will be released from prison in a short period of time, we will prepare the reports accordingly".

The first hearing of non-commissioned officer Okan Şimşek and expert sergeant Veysel Şahin took place in the 2nd Criminal Court of Peace of Trabzon on charges of "misconduct in office".
18 Jan 2008 The telephone signals of Osman Hayal, the brother of Yasin Hayal, reveal that he was in Istanbul on the day of the murder, although he had said that he was in Trabzon in his testimony.

The lawyers submitted an indictment to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor of Istanbul against Cerrah and other security officers on charges of neglect and against Ali Öz the General Commander of Trabzon Gendarmerie on charges of hiding criminal evidence, neglect and abuse of duty in the case on the deliberate murder of Dink. (Turkish Penal Code Articles 83 and 220/6-7)
12 Jan 2008 The prosecution of Hrant Dink's lawyer Yücel Sayman began on charges of saying "scoundrels" to Kerinçsiz and Murat Inan, who were the complainant lawyers in Dink's case on "insulting Turkishness".
4 Jan 2008 The parliamentary investigation committee visited the family.
3 Jan 2008 The forensic medicine report indicated that the bone age of O.S. turned out to be 19 in the radiological examination and suggested that the decision should be taken by the court.

In his statement given to the parliamentary investigation committee, Istanbul Police Intelligence Chief Ahmet İlhan Güler stated that the note sent from Trabzon had a "low priorty code. "The State would not threaten like that. If it had been the State, they would have done it in other ways." Akyürek stated in the parliamentary investigation committee that there was no such coding system .
13 Dec 2007 The Inspection Board of the Prime Ministry launched an extensive inquiry into the assassination.
1 Dec 2007 The decision ruling that there was no need to investigate Trabzon Gendarmerie Command (except for 2 officers) was taken to ECHR.
1 Nov 2007 The Prosecutor's Office in Trabzon ruled that there was no need to prosecute the police officers of Trabzon.
3 Oct 2007 The appeal made by Dink's family to Trabzon Regional Administrative Court against the decision ruling that an investigation on "neglect of duty" was not required for the officers of Trabzon Police Directorate has been rejected.
29 Sep 2007 Governor Ergun Güngör who had "politely warned" Hrant in his office after the article about Sabiha Gokcen was published in Agos, was appointed to Çorum; however, he remained in Istanbul as his appointment was postponed by one year.
28 Sep 2007 The lawsuit filed in Samsun Criminal Court of First Instance against two police officers began. The case had been filed on charges of "neglecting duty" and "disclosing confidential information" after police officers had had their pictures taken with Ogün Samast at the teahouse of the police station in Samsun.
7 Sep 2007 Izmir Bar Association launched a disciplinary inquiry against Fuat Turgut, the defense lawyer of Yasin Hayal.
21 Aug 2007 Although it had been determined in the preliminary inquiry and expert's report that Istanbul Police Director Cerrah and A.İ.G. had failed to fulfil their inspection duties, an authorisation was requested for an investigation against A.İ.G. only.
5 Aug 2007 Following the preliminary inquiry launched on the basis of 'Law No: 4483 on the Prosecution of Civil Servants and Other Public Officials' against Ramazan Akyürek, Reşat Altay, Engin Dinç, Faruk Sarı, Ercan Demir, Özkan Mumcu, Muhittin Zenit and Mehmet Ayhan from Trabzon Police Directorate in order to determine if there was any neglect on the part of the officers of Trabzon Police Directore for the prevention of the murder, the inspectors concluded that "authorisation should not be granted for an investigation".
11 July 2007 Due to a poem he recited at a martyr's funeral, a suit for damages was filed against Giresun Regional Gendarmerie Commander Dursun Ali Karaduman on charges of disrespect to Dink's memory.
9 July 2007 In his letter sent to the prosecutor's office, Tuncay Uzundal said, "The State broke the pencil of Dink".
29 June 2007 In a letter addressed to the prosecutor, Yasin Hayal said, "I don't know if they're legal or not, but a group from the Police manipulated us."

Under the scope of the investigation concerning the Union of Patriotic Forces, a phone conversation was revealed. During the phone call between the deputy head of the association Vedat Şanlı and a person called Nejat Mete, Şanlı has said "yes" to the question of; "Was the killing of yesterday our guys' work?"
22 June 2007 Lawyers appealed when authorisation was not granted for the initiation of an investigation against Ali Öz, the Commander of Trabzon Gendarmerie, and his 5 staff.
10 May 2007 Under the scope of the investigation on Dink's assassination, it was understood that a 48-page report about Erhan Tuncel sent by the Security's Intelligence Head Department to Istanbul had been destroyed.
20 Apr 2007 During the course of the investigation on Dink's murder, the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office of Istanbul concluded that the officers of Trabzon Police Directorate had contaminated evidence and withheld information and documents from them, and then sent their findings as 11 articles to the Office of the Public Prosecutor of Trabzon on grounds that it did not fall under their jurisdiction.
28 Mar 2007 It was understood that after being detained in Trabzon, the police read to Erhan Tuncel -key figure in Dink's assassination- the statements of the other accused and released him after listening to his remarks. In his statement given to the police, Tuncay Uzundal, who had been arrested under the scope of the investigation on Dink's murder and is the flatmate of Tuncel, had allegedly claimed that the statements of the other accused had been read to Tuncel.
27 Mar 2007 It was claimed in the statement given to the police by the nationalist Big Union Party's (BBP) Head of Trabzon Branch Yaşar Cihan, who had been detained as part of the investigation probing journalist Dink's murder, that everyone in Trabzon knew that Erhan Tuncel and Yasin Hayal were plotting to murder Dink. According to news coverage, in his statement given to the police Yaşar Cihan had said, "I tried to convince them to give up this plan but I couldn't succeed".
22 Mar 2007 It was understood that after the assassination, Erhan Tuncel had a phone contact with a police officer called Muhittin Zenit from the intelligence unit in Trabzon. It was claimed that M.Z., who had been appointed to Bayburt from Trabzon Security Directorate 6 months ago, had asked a number of questions to Erhan Tuncel such as, "Did your friends commit the murder? Was the murder committed in the way that you told me? Did Yasin shoot him?"
28 Feb 2007 The Provincial Administrative Board issued an authorisation for the initiation of an investigation against Ahmet İlhan Güler (A.İ.G.). A.İ.G appealed to the decision due to lack of an expert's report, whereas Dink's family appealed to the decision on grounds that an authorisation to launch an investigation had not been issued for the other officers of Istanbul Police Directorate.
26 Feb 2007 In the preliminary investigation report the Ministry of Interior inspectors stated that an authorisation should be given for an investigation against Ahmet İlhan Güler, head of the intellience unit of Istanbul Police Directorate.
22 Feb 2007 The Ministry of Interior launched, on its own initiative, an inquiry against the officers of Trabzon Police Directorate upon the family's complaint and the news in the press. During the inquiry, the inspectors concluded that making Erhan Tuncel become an informant through illegal means and the incident concerning the "trousers with blood stains on them" (related with the bombing of McDonalds' by Yasin Hayal in 2004) had happened after the crime had been committed and therefore fell under the competence of the judicial authorities. For that reason, they terminated the inquiry and decided to send the inquiry report and the documents to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor in Trabzon on 22.02.2007.
6 Feb 2007 It was found out that Erhan Tuncel -who was in the group plotting Dink's assassination- had informed the police in February 2006 that Hrant Dink was going to be murdered by Yasin Hayal, and that Trabzon Poice Directorate had submitted this information to Ankara General Directorate of Plice and Istanbul Police Directorate.
4 Feb 2007 In Ataturk Stadium of Afyonkarahisar, those supporting Hrant's murderer wore white berets and chanted slogans in the stands saying "We are all Ogün".
2 Feb 2007 After being arrested in Samsun, pictures taken of suspect O.S in front of a poster with the Turkish flag and Ataturk's quotations as well as his video images with the gendarmerie and the police were disclosed.
30 Jan 2007 It was claimed that Trabzon Police Directorate, which had received information from the "key person" in the case Erhan Tuncel that journalist Hrant Dink was going to be assassinated, had reported this tip-off to Istanbul Police Directorate 11 months before the murder.
24 Jan 2007 Yasin Hayal who was taken to the Istanbul-Beşiktaş courthouse after his interrogation at the police headquarters called onto the journalists and said, "Orhan Pamuk should behave". On the same day, instigator of the crime Yasin Hayal came face to face with suspect Ogun Samast for the first time. It was claimed that during that encounter Samast said to Hayal, "Why did you make me kill him". In his testimony, O.S. said, "Yasin Hayal told me to kill him and so I did".
23 Jan 2007 It was claimed that Yasin Hayal frequently met a retired colonel living in Trabzon before the assassination. It was further alleged that Yasin Hayal may have planned the assassination by being influenced from the views of retired colonel H.M.B., who is known for his "neo-nationalist views" and is linked to an influential religious community in Trabzon.

It was stated that the gendarmerie made an announcement through the loudspeakers of the municipality in Pelitli town where Ogun Samast and Yasin Hayal live, warning people "not to give any information to civilians".
21 Jan 2007 In his initial statement given at the gendarmerie station after being arrested in Samsun, suspect of the murder O.S. said, "I committed the murder on my own. I read Dink's articles on the internet, they made my blood freeze, so I decided to kill him. I went to Istanbul and killed him". However, in his first statement given after he was transferred to Istanbul he stated that prior to the assassination they participated in a firing arms practice at a meadow in trabzon and then he was selected among 10 young persons as he performed well and ran fast.

Istanbul Police Director Celalettin Cerrah stated that the murder did not have a political motive or any links with an organisation, and that it had been committed out of nationalist feelings.
20 Jan 2007 A relative of Ogün Samast called the gendarmerie informing that Ogün had committed the crime and that Samast went to Istanbul together with his friends. The date of the denunciation report had been written down as 9 days later. But this report does not exist in the murder case files! It was found in the the files of the cases against the gendarmaries Şimşek and Şahin, who are currently being tried for neglect of duty.

Following police pursuit, it was announced that suspect Ogun Samast had been arrested at Samsun Bus Terminal at around 23.00 hrs.
19 Jan 2007 Hrant Dink was killed by an armed attack he was exposed to at around 15.00 hrs on his way out of Agos newspaper on Halaskargazi street, Istanbul.